Monday, January 11, 2010

Know thyself

I imposed a question too,
the question which many had held,
Jesus, Buddha, and many saints,
they all had questioned themselves.

and what they all said had been true,
a simple saying know thyself.

but my answer was perplexed,
as I was full of twiddling confusions instead,
they may have been simple souls,
mine was full of twiddling dilemmas instead.

I had no control over my conscience,
anger, jealous, desire, passion ruled,
thoughts were circumscribed on bizarre beliefs,
and more I walked inside, whirling cognition made me fooled.

would I never get an insight,
more than my own fiddle,
those meditations,
burgeoning spirituality,
they fail to solve,
but make more riddle.

So I take a step,
not inwards but out,
to my own moral world,
which I have built myself,
and for every step out,
I would expand the in-self,
and for every moral step,
I would proceed to know thyself.

- Raymond Via
( Actual name Hitesh Vig )

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