Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Last three years questions, Those which are bold are repeated?

Paper I ( Indian Ethics )

Unit I
Discuss why is Dharma is considered to be the foundations of Purushartha? Explain four Purursharthas?
Explain the inter-relation between the Varna Vyavasthta and Ashrama Dharma scheme?
Discuss the salient features of Indian Ethical system with special reference to the concept of Dharma.
Explain the Varna Vyavastha and its relevance in present times?
Explain the Ashrama Dharma and its relevance in present times?

Unit II

Discuss the foundations of Buddhist Ethics?
Explain the ethical connotations of the concepts of Paraupkar, Sewa and Sehaj from a Sikhs precpective?
Explain the Buddhist doctrine of Pratityasamutpad?
Discuss the four noble truths duty explaining the eight fold path of morality propounded by Buddhist philosophy?
Relationship between Four noble truths and concept of Nirvana in Buddhism?

Unit III

Discuss to why for Mahatma Gandhi ' Truth is God ' ?
How would you differentiate between ' Nishkama Karma ' and ' Anaskta Karma ' ? Explain in the context of Bhagwad Gita?
Discuss the concept of Satyagraha?
How does nishkam karma librates man in action?
Gandhi's concepts of Ahimsa, Satyagraha and Sarvodya?

Unit IV

Explain the meaning of Yoga and how is it helpful in maintaining stress?
Dscuss Patanjali Yoga? Explain the concept of Yoga according to Patanjali?
Discuss the concept of Lok - Sangraha according to Bhagwat Gita?
Explain the Asanas of Surya Namaskar, Vajra Asana, Halasnas and their therapeutic value?

Paper II ( Western Ethics )
Unit I
Explain the relation between Ethics and Psychology?
Discuss the moral concepts of ' Good ' , ' Right ' and ' Duty ' ?
Is ethics irrelevant and useless in modern era? Discuss?
Discuss the nature and subject of moral judgment?

Unit II
How does the Christian religion conceive of God's nature as ' agape ' ? Explain?
Discuss in detail Aristotle's concept of virtue? The difference between Plato's and Aristotle concept of Virtue?
Discuss Kantian deontological principle of morality?

Unit III
What do you mean by the concept of Utilitarianism? Explain its nature and characteristics?
Discuss critically Qualitative Hedonism of J.S. Mill. Bring out its differences with Hedonism of Bentham.
Unit IV
What do you mean by 'Gender Justice' ? What can be the methods and means which can help us in realizing it?
Ethically explain the nature of such human Psychology which leads to the problems of Pollution, Land degradation and Global warming. How far is such approach justified?
Critically examin the concept of Environmental Ethics?

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